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We Offer:

A Wide Variety of Mods

We currently offer a wide variety of devices; from the beginner to the experienced vaper. We have beginner starter kits that will give you all you need to begin vaping as well as variable/temperature controlled devices to make your vaping experience brand new. At Shadetree Vapes, from single coil tanks to sub ohm.. we have them all. If a dripper or rebuildable tank is what you need we have that as well. We try to offer the current products; however, if there is something you are looking just let us know. We do special orders as well.

Tons of E-Juice Flavors

Here at Shadetree, we do our best to offer a wide variety of eliquids. We have those with and without nicotine as well as good quality, low cost juice. We also stock many different brands of higher quality premium lines with many different flavors to choose from. Currently we stock over 175 flavors with many different nicotine strengths. We are always expanding and looking to keep our stock fresh and new. If we do not have something that you are looking for, just ask we may be able to special order it for you!

What are E-Cigs??

E-Juice Style E-Cigs

The beginner style is an e-cig with a tank that is used with what is called "e-juice". These are very similar in use as the pen style system but work with voltage, liquid and more directly with taste and satisfaction. This tends to be the choice for the bigger smoker or the person who enjoys the vaping of different flavors. The way the system works is there is a tank with an atomizer in it. There is a wick system that soaks the juice and a coil that heats up the wick to produce the vapor. The heating coil is activated by the pressing of the button on the battery. This style of system can range from a simple pen style vape to a variable watt mod that is larger and takes external batteries. This is all personal preference and just is based on what type of system you are looking for.

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Please, Be Safe.

Nicotine Saftey:

Electronic cigarettes may contain nicotine. Nicotine is know to be addictive, and in concentration, a dangerous poison. Misuse can result in serious health risks or even death. Nicotine products should not be used by people under the age of 18, or people with severe kidney disease, heart desease and related heart conditions, overactive thyroid gland, diabetes, phaeochromocytoma, inflammation of the esophagus, inflammation of the lining of the stomach, stomach ulcer, duodenal ulcer, skin problmes, long term throat problems, difficulty breathing because of bronchitis, emphysema or asthma, or if pregnant or breast feeding. Do not ingest or allow nicotine to soak into skin. Keep out of reach of children and pets, Use only as directed. The buyer of this product accepts all risks and liabilities associated with nicotine handling and consumption. This product has not been evaluated by the FDA - use at your own risk.

Battery Saftey:

Electronic cigarettes contain Li-ion battery cells which can explode or burst into flame if used improperly. Do not disassemble, punture, cut, crush, short circuit, incinerate, recharge the disposable cells, or expose to water, fire or high temperatures. Rechargeable batteries should be charged in a fire-proof container and checked after charging and before use. Never charge batteries unattended. Only use appropriate chargers, do not mix chargers. If unsure of what charger to use, please contact Shadetree Vapes via email or phone listed on the contact us page. By purchasing these products, the buyer assumes all risks and liabilities associated with lithium batteries. It is your responsibility (the customer) to understand the dangers, as well as the proper procedures for handling and disposing of li-ion based battery cells.


E-Juice Flavors

  • Evo

    Blueberry - Blueberries picked right off the bush.

    Black Diamond – This is a mild Turkish tobacco blend with sweet notes throughout. Great sweet tobacco.

    Dakota - The full flavored tobacco blend offers that "black and mild" taste. You can even taste the wood tip

    FrostBite – An amazing blend of pure menthol sprinkled with peppermint and spearmint. Refreshing vape. No tobacco at all.

    Hybrid - A tobacco based menthol flavor; very similar to a popular traditional full flavor menthol cigarette.

    Krypton - A sweet, creamy menthol that is great as a solid all day vape without too much overkill or wonderful to mix with any juice to give a menthol taste.

    Spearmint – A wonderful vape of pure spearmint. Crisp, clean vape that you can enjoy all day.

    Wild Watermelon – Lip-smaking good watermelon flavor .

  • Big Heart

    555 Lite - Like 555 only with a less punchy tobacco flavor.

    555 -Is to the tobacco leaf what Sinatra is to the Sands, with just a touch of something else.

    Blueberry Fest - Tastes like blueberries.

    Bubblegum Chill - Bubblegum with a touch of menthol

    Bubblegum -Yum yum bubble gum

    Café Filbert – hazelnut coffee.

    Cinnamon Arbalest - Tastes like a cinnamon-tipped arrow shot from a medieval crossbow

    Cinnamon Whiskey - Just the like famous Fireball whiskey; this is it!

    Cotton Candy - Cottony. Candy-y. Just what you would expect.

    Fire and Ice - Cinnamon flavor on the inhale, cool menthol on the exhale

    French Vanilla - Sacre bleu! It tastes like vanilla, only Frencher.

    Fruit Punch - Your favorite punch!

    Funk Berry - Just think how funky that Captain would be with berries.

    Menthol - If you like menthol, you'll like this. Strong!

    Menthol Chill - Menthol but a little less strong than the original.

    Mountain Dude - Tastes just like Mountain Dew with a good throat hit

    Peachberry Sour - Peach & Blueberry with a sour twist.

    Pebbles - Straight out of the bowl in the morning.. All fruity and stuff.

    Skiddles - That delightful rainbow of sweet flavor all in a great juice!

    Strawberry - Decadant, delicious strawberries.

    Strawpearydoo - The amazing combination of strawberry, pear and honeydew

    Summer Fruit - a tasty blend of peaches, blueberries and raspberries

    Sweet Honey Tobacco - Just as the name suggests...

    Vanilla Cupcake - sweet creaming cake flavor topped off with a delightful vanilla icing.

    Watermelon Candy - Just like those melony-sweet pink candies.

    Watermelon Chill - This is a mentholated version of Watermelon Candy.

    Wintergreen - cool, refreshing, icey.

  • Cuttwood

    Unicorn Milk - Strawberry Custard flavor that is creamy and smooth as eating a strawberry shortcake.

    Sugar Drizzle - A sugary cinnamon taste that is paired with a smooth milky sweetness close to a cinnamon roll.

    Mega Melons - Blend of Cantaloupes, Mangos, and Papaya that is designed to make your mouthwatering for more amazing melons flavors.

    Boss Reserve - A golden honey graham cereal with roasted nut clusters. Drenched in creamy milk & layered with sliced bananas. (only available in 30 ml)

    Bird Brains – Amazing cereal and milk flavor. Think about those wonderful colored o’s of cereal… all fruity and such!

  • Niquid

    Bahama Blizzard - It is a perfect paring of orange, cranberry and peach which is blended and frozen with cool sweet menthol.

    Grape Escape - The perfect grape flavor! Sure to satisfy grape candy lovers while preserving true fruit flavor!

    Heartland - fresh, sweet berry overtone caressed with hints of ripe melon.

    Maui - It will take your mind right to the beach with a load of ripe pineapple and sweet mango

    Peach Lemonade - Sweet and tart! The perfect vape on a hot summers day! If you are a lemonade fan this is a must!

    Pom Beach - An attractive undertone of pomegranate laced with a sweet ripe strawberry will certainly satisfy your taste-buds.

    Southern Freeze - Peaches dangling on the tree and strawberries on the vine. Ripe, juicy, and plump covered with a thin layer of icy freshness

    Strawanna Smoothie - Fresh ripe bananas and strawberries mixed with cream to create the best blended smoothie you will ever vape!

  • Tasty Cloud

    DRAGONAIRE - An incredibly lively and powerful flavor. It starts with a combination of juicy cantaloupe and dragon fruit notes on the initial inhale. A Menthol flavor leaves a chilly feeling on the exhale along with a sweet taste of watermelon. The Menthol and fruit flavors are paired to give a great sensation.

  • Propaganda

    Illuminati - Blood Orange Pineapple Strawberry

    Subliminal - Sweet and Sour Razzmatazz Candy

  • Uncle Junk's

    Bettie White - One of our original flavors and still a best seller, Bettie White has a pomegranate base and subtle hints of apple.

    Jon Wayne – This juice is proof that a really good vape is worth the wait. Uncle Junk spent months perfecting this blend of savory and sweet tobacco flavors.

    Monica’s Eyes – “Monica” gave this juice a ten out of ten in its testing phase. Monica’s Eyes is a tasty mix of cantaloupe, kiwi, and other delicious fruits.

  • Ruthless

    Banana Chip - The taste of dried banana chips, the popular snack sold in many Asian markets

    Ez Duz It - A mixture of strawberry and watermelon 90% VG/10% PG

    Grape Drank - The flavor of grape skittles and grape soda 85% VG/15% PG

    Jungle Fever - The taste of pineapple, mango and other citrus flavors

    Mandingo - Banana cinnamon nut bread 60% VG/40% PG

    Ménage à Trois - A sweet raspberry Crème Brûlée Cheesecake 60% vg/40% PG

    Peach Fuzz- Peaches & Cream. 85% VG/15% PG

    Rise - Lychee & mango. 60% VG/40% PG

    Slurricane - A tropical blend of peach, papaya, and guava 90% VG/10% PG

    Swamp Thang - Sour apple jolly rancher 85% VG/15% PG

  • Blow Vape Juice

    Blue Razz - This premium vapor liquid blends a layer of blue raspberry hard candy over a classic pink bubblegum core. 70% VG | 30% PG

    StrawCherry - This premium vapor liquid blends a layer of sweet strawberry and sour cherry hard candies over a classic pink bubblegum core. 70% VG | 30% PG

  • Ripe Vapes

    Coconut Thai - This juice was inspired by the exotic flavors from the distant shores of Thailand. The first flavor is that of the smooth coconut, rich and slightly sweet followed by after notes of fresh thai basil and bright lemongrass

    Honeysuckle Apple - Launched in the spring of 2015, we are excited to offer our customers this handcrafted blend of light, sweet, bright and full flavoring. It may make one nostalgic for the changing weather, yet it is flavor you will crave all year round.

    Key Lime Cookie - This inspired Joose has wonderful sweet/tart notes of key lime, commingled with the flavor of warm baked cookies. Delicious and uniquely crafted for everyone to enjoy.

    Monkey Snack - A delicious pairing of rich, creamy peanut butter and sweet, velvety banana. This Joose is sure to invoke wonderful memories and dance on your taste buds.

    VCT - This sophisticated joose is sure to leave you desiring more. Sweet and sexy vanilla custard up front, with a rich finish tasting of fine tobacco and a hint of toasted almond. Aimed to please the novice, or the distinguished smoker.

  • Deja Vu Eliquids

    Mint Chocolate Chip -This flavor’s got everything you could want in an ejuice – rich dark chocolaty indulgence balanced by the bright flavor of mint.

    Sex on the Beach -A juice that tastes amazingly close to the famous drink “Sex on the Beach” minus the cute umbrella. This juice is heavy on the cranberry and citrus and very light on the guilt

    Pineapple Upside Down Cake - This flavor of an old time lovely cake will bring back fond memories. This festive dessert flavor is wonderful in the morning with steaming cups of coffee

  • Donuts E-Juice

    Marshmallow Man 2 - A toasted marshmallow perfectly roasted over a campfire. When you are craving that campfire treat without the camping.

  • Hometown Hero

    Ambrosia - Berry Melon Citrus

    Angel's Breath - Frozen version of Angel Tears

    Angel Tears - Watermelon Berry Coconut

    Holy Fritter - Apple cake

    Legend - Banana Rum

    Red Dream - Strawberry Cream & Kettle Corn

    Rice Crispy Treats - Just like mom used to make!

    Sun Drops - Passion Fruit Sweet Tea

    Wild Buffalo - Root Beer Float

    Witch Doctor - Premium Sweet Tobacco

    Why So Cereal - Raspberry Crunch Cereal

  • Lazer Wolf

    Neon - Frozen Peach Rings

    Turbo - Strawberry Margarita

    Ultra - Sticky Buns Vanilla Ice Cream

  • Mad Rabbit

    Blue Raspberry Fun Dip - Fabulous blue raspberry flavor that will make you pucker with delight.

    Coffee Cake - Sweet coffe with cafe undertones topped with vanilla.

    Lemon Merinque - Lemon pie infused with tangy lemon custard. The sweet dessert is refreshing on any hot day.

    Pink Starburst - Just like those little strawberry chewy candies.

    Summer Watermelon - A juicy, sweet, ripe red watermelon flavor.

  • Naked Fish

    Wahoo - A fruit ceral and ligh vanilla creamblend that is as complex as it is delicious.

    Sting Ray - Sweet berries and peanut butter with a touch of vanilla results in a butter smooth nutty juice blend.

    Barracuda - Honeydew anda variety of other sweet fruits in a tropical medley that dances on your tongue.

    Piranha - a decadent explosion of vanilla custard swirled together with tasty whipped cream.

  • Rocket Punch

    Cake Berry Blast - The delicious taste of moist, warm strawberry pound cake. On the inhale, your palettes will dance in the taste of buttery, homemade pound cake from grandma's kitchen. On your exhale, embrace the sweetness of juicy strawberries.

    Island Ice Cannon - The sultry taste of island fruits with a splash of mouthwatering citrus tastes, delivered directly to your mod. On the inhale, your palettes will dance in the taste of fruits with freshly squeezed citrus on top. On your exhale, embrace cool icy menthol to bring the perfect balance to your vape experience.

    Magnetic Fruit Punch - The nostalgic taste of berries, Fruit Loop™ cereal and cool milk. On the inhale, your palettes will dance in the taste of mouthwatering berries and fruity, crunchy cereal. On your exhale, embrace ready-to-pour, sweet milk.

  • Leviathan

    Abyss - Sea Salt Pineapple

    Depths – Sea Salt Caramel Custard

    Fathom - Sea Salt Strawberry Mango

  • Cyclops

    Artemis - 65%VG/35%PG - Artemis is a berry cobbler flavored e-juice with a delicate blend of subtle berry hints mingled with the baked crust traditional to cobblers, mixed together into what one might describe as that of liquid gold.

    Athena – 65%VG/35%PG - Our Athena eliquid is a delicious blend of sweet and sour apples featuring subtle flavor on inhalation with a lingering aftertaste that intertwines the sweetness of a red apple with the tartness of a green apple, producing an aroma you won’t soon forget.

    Colossus - 65%VG/35%PG - Our Colossus premium eLiquid is a smooth and sweet vanilla custard. The subtle flavor combinations we use in our formula result in a satisfying pull, leaving a great taste on exhale without being overbearing

    Eros - 65%VG/35%PG - Let the God of Lust consume you; One of our top sellers is an exotic blend succulent cranberry & citrus flavors which create a flavorful vape to seduce your senses. Caught in the throws of passionate sex on the beach, you will be left to wonder where Eros has been all your life.

    Hades – 65%VG/35%PG -Experience warmth once reserved for those sleeping 6 feet under. The mellowness of roasted java beans mingles with sweet mocha and subtle nuttiness to provide a rich and lasting flavor that coffee fans are sure to love.

    Poseidon - 65%VG/35%PG - Poseidon delivers a crisp, delicious flavor combination bringing together elements from some of the most succulent fruits and melons known to man. This complex fruit and melon medley transforms from inhale to exhale, embodying the crispness of the sea - a true representation of Poseidon's domain.

  • Generic Adult Sours

    Berry Sour - Blueberry Sour Candy

    Watermelon Sour - Watermelon Sour Candy.

  • Hometown Hero Nicotine Salts

    Ambrosia Nic Salt - Berry Melon Citrus - not for subohm use

    Angel's Breath Nic Salt - Frozen version of Angel's Tears - not for subohm use

    Angel's Tears Nic Salt - Watermelon Berry Coconut - not for subohm use

    Red Dream Nic Salt - Strawberry Kettle Corn - not for subohm use

    Witch Doctor Nic Salt - Premium Sweet Tobacco - not for subohm use

  • R & D Creations

    Nerdz - Those tiny candies on those tiny boxes sure did pack a tangy punch, and so does Nerdz from R & D Creations, a perfect replica of those wee tiny tangy citrus candies in e-liquid form.

  • Lost Arts

    Space Rockz - A sweet and fruity iconic candy flavor that pops in your mouth! Strawberry kiwi pop rocks!

    Mystery "?" Flavor - A tantalizing blend that will delight and intrigue the senses. Is that orange or apple? A faint hint of grape or perhaps a bit of lime....a throwback to the old Airheads Mystery flavors that will be sure to entertain.

    Gummy Glu - Imagine all of your favorite sweet and sour gummy candies thrown into a blender..and then transformed into E liquid!

    Unicorn Puke - Rainbow Sherbert, unicorn style!

    Beez Kneez - Those amazing little o's wrapped up in honey and nuts

    The Grape White - A sweet white grape with a touch of candied apple and citrus undertones.

  • FFDA

    Anarchy - Organized chaos when bananas and warm brown sugar combine with undertones of pineapple and coconut

    Menance - This Baja soda flavor threatens to be your favorite flavor yet

  • Berry Yums

    Berry Yums - A sweet berry blend including strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries and a hint of red and black currant.

  • Forge Vapor

    Artisan Vanilla - A clean vanilla flavor that's not oily, smoky, or filled with extras, it's a pure vanilla vape at any temperature.

    Blueberry Boss - A clear and sweet blueberry fused with a heavy dairy cream that grows stronger with higher temperatures. You can expect just a touch of tartness at high temperatures, and much more at lower temperatures.

    Crucible Cream - A warm and sweet marriage of strawberries and cream that gives you more strawberry at lower temps, and heavier, thicker cream flavor at higher temps.

    Firebrick - A sweet and creamy Cinnamon with just enough heat to glow without melting.

    Georgia Striker – A Peach flavor so sweet and juicy, it doesn't even need the tea to complete it: Pure, Sweet, and Refreshing.

    Jacked Apple - Flame seared harvest apple with a smoky touch of cinnamon and graham. We've Jacked up the flavor to satisfy even the most die hard Vapesmith. When the temperature goes up, the heat goes up.

    Melon Quench - A juicy, wet watermelon flavor that stays light even at high heat.

    Molten Berry - It's a sweet raspberry delight that carries a light tartness at low heat, and turns mouth wateringly sweet at higher temperatures.

    Smith’s Apple - A clean and sweet Grannysmith Apple with just the right amount of tart to balance the sweet. Want more sweet? Just turn up the heat.

    Tempered Citrus - A blend of juicy sweet orange and a dash of cranberry flavor complimented by a light Graham Cracker Crumble.

  • Ruthless – Loaded

    Glazed - A warm right out-the-oven donut, topped with sugary glaze.

    Smores - Rich graham cracker sandwich with warm marshmallow and smooth chocolate

    ​in the center.

  • Marquee Vapes

    Le Blanc - Inspired by mango Bellini's of summer on the beaches of Marseille, and the frigid winters of the French Alps, Le Blanc is a marriage of sensual mango, coconut and vanilla, accentuate with frosty mint ice. 70% VG

  • Bazooka Sour Straws

    Bazooka Sour Straws perfectly emulates those chewy,

    sweet strips with sour crystals.

    Blue Raspberry - A sour blue raspberry strip coated with sugar.

    Green Apple - The tart sweetness of a green apple licorice topped strip with sugar.

    Strawberry - Sweet and sour strawberry licorice.

    Watermelon - Juicy watermelon topped with sweet and sour sugar.

  • Bazooka Tropical Thunder

    Pineapple Peach - Tangy and Sweet Pineapple and peach candy flavors coated in sour sugar.

    Mango Tango - A citrusy and tropical flavor blast that is shamelessly coated in sour sugar.

    Rainbow - Rainbow coated sour straws.

  • Buckshot Vapor

    Double Tap - A delicious blend of strawberry and dragonfruit.

    Hard Candy - Tastes just like the delicious sweet tarts candy.

    M80 - A delicious mix of watermelon and dragon fruit.

    XXX - A perfect mis of kiwi, mango and peach.

  • Charlies Chalkdust

    Head Banging Boogie - Tropical blueberry popsicle that will knock your pants off.

    Dream Cream - Rich vanilla cream with hints of fudge and notes of cinnamon.

    Trueberry Sugar & Knife - Pineapple upside down cake with blackberry maple drizzle.

    Peanut Butter & Jesus - A spiritual experience of peanut butter and jelly.

    Wonder Worm - Crystalized fummy worms laced with sweet tarts.

  • Flavors United

    Cinna Goo - The amazing gooiness of the inside of a cinnamon roll in a juice!

  • Southern Tradition

    Apple Pie Moonshine - Bring out the mason jar for a nip of fresh crisp apples, spicy cinnamon and a kick of liquor that goes down smooth.

    Back Porch Tobacco Blend - Brings back memories of Grandpa's stories and the smell of warm and sweet tobacco with hints of vanilla and spice.

    Banana Puddin - Warm vanilla custard layered with slices of ripe bananas and vanilla wafer cookies.

    Blackberries & Cream - Blackberries straight from the vine splashed with fresh sweetened cream.

    Country Cut Tobacco - Grown in your own soil and hung over the rafters in a barn to cure, it's a bold, smokey homegrown tobacco blend with an earthy flavor

    Cowboy Koolade - There's a bonfire party and eveyrone is contributing their favorite hooch with some flavored drink packets for the always purple community liquor punch (mentholated)

    Grannies Cookies - The perfect buttery sugar cookie warm from the oven witha chewy center and crispy edges, topped with a dusting of cinnamon and sugar.

    Honeysuckle - Childhood memories of warm summer evenings with the sweet smell floating through the air.

    Ole Fashioned Candy - A sweet assortment of general store rainbow swirled hard candies.

    Peach Cobbler - Juicy fresh peaches flavored with warm cinnamon and brown sugar in a buttery flaky crust topped with vanilla ice cream.

    Strawberries & Cream - Sweet rich cream covering ripe summer strawberries sprinkled with a bit of sugar.

  • The Custard Shoppe

    Butterscotch - Freshly baked custard pie drizzled with butterscotch topping.

  • Wud E-Liquids

    Blueberry Maple - Freshly baked blueberries in a perfectly sweet maple syrup.